Experience the Vibe

Come Vibe With Us

Chill with refreshingly authentic people in our cozy atmosphere. Yes, we'll do your dentistry, but in a way that you might actually love being with us.


Embrace the calm of lo-fi music and a chill atmosphere as we invite you to sit back and relax in our cozy dental home.

Neon sign display in LoFi Dental waiting area


Enjoy exceptional clinical dentistry with a unique 360-degree wellness focus on your overall well-being.


Experience a judgment-free atmosphere with compassionate professionals who are bespoken to your story.

Dr. Q greeting patient at LoFi Dental in Edmond

Your First Visit


We love getting to know our guests as we welcome them into the LoFi family. Everyone has a story to share, and we're grateful for the opportunity to hear yours.


During your first visit and anxiety-free evaluation, you’ll experience the benefits of modern technology with digital radiographs (powered by AI), a courtesy 3D surface scan, followed by an intraoral video tour so you can see what we see.


After getting to know you, your budget, and your timeline, we partner together to find the right strategies and ensure our recommendations align with your goals.

What to

  • Photo ID (ex. valid driver’s license)
  • Insurance card (for those utilizing dental benefits)
  • Any questions, concerns, hopes, and goals

Finances & Dental Benefit Plans

As an unrestricted provider, we work with a variety of dental insurance plans and help file claims on your behalf.

We'll partner with you and your goals to create a roadmap while helping you maximize your dental benefits.

No Insurance? No Problem.

For patients without dental insurance, we crafted a membership plan just for you.

LoFi+ is uniquely designed to help you save money, receive the care you need, and reward you for prioritizing prevention.

Smile Now, Pay-Over-

Learn more about flexible payment plans powered by Sunbit.

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